iSF6-1800 Plus SF6 Multi Analyzer

SF6 Zero Emission
Built-in Recovery & Pumping System
No Discharge of SF6 Gas

SF6 is a greenhouse gas that is 23,900 times more potent than COz, and it remains stable in the atmosphere for up to 3,200 years. To protect the atmospheric environment, SF6 was listed as one of the six greenhouse gases prohibited to be discharged into the atmosphere in Kyoto Protocol issued in 1997. It is vital and mandatory that SF6 is collected and stored after measurement, for EU and IEEE have promulgated regulations of SF6 gas use and treatment to reduce the emissions into the environment. It is also important to collect and store the used SF6 gas after measurement for SF6 field test staff safety.

iSF6-1800 Plus multi-analyzer can be used in GIS, GIL high- voltage insulatedswitchgear or devices filled with SF6 gas to detect the moisture content, purity, decomposition products, and chamber's gas pressure. Meanwhile, the measured sample gas can be recovered and stored in an on-board cylinder. After detection, the sample gas can be pumped back to the chamber or the outside container, resulting in zero emission of SF6 sample gas.

iSF6-1800 Plus can meet the higher requirements of SF6 testing a n d environmental protection in the future. Its moisture content
detection adopts a more precise chilled mirror detection technology, which greatly improves the accuracy, stability andreliability of moisture detection. The analyzer not only makes use of advanced MEMS technology in SF6 purity detecting, but also adopts the more advanced NDUV optical detection technology ni SF6 decompositions detecting SO2 and other micro-content components. The iSF6-1800 Plus is also designed
and benchmarked on laboratory level standard for NDUV optical detection technology. This not only improves the precision and stability of the test results, but also ensures more environmentally friendliness and easier maintenance.

The iSF6-1800 Plus si equipped with a unique constant pressure and flow control system that improves data accuracy and stability in each function. iSF6-1800 Plus integrates relatively advanced technology and concepts, and meets users' requirements on environmental protection, function, accuracy, data processing, andfriendlyintertaceofthedetector.For these reasons iSF6-1800 Plus has become the flagship product of SF6 gas measurement on the market.

iSF6-1800 Plus SF6 gas multi-analyzer is installed in a rugged and waterproof ABS integrated portable case that is easy to transport and move while protecting the internal system, making it an ideal environmentally friendly analyzer.

Key Features

  • Advanced chilled mirror technology for moisture content
  • MEMS technology for purity
  • Non-dispersive UV absorption spectroscopy for decomposition products
  • SF6 zero emission
  • Built-in recovery and pump system
  • Fast response feasible operation
  • Constant flowrate control system
  • Pressure and temperature compensation
  • One-click to start
  • Large data storage
  • Self-sealing coupling
  • TFT touch screen
  • Multilingual interface
  • Overload protection
  • Reliable control system
  • Compact and convenient transport


Moisture content
range: -60 ℃~+20 ℃
humidity content by volume: 11~20,000 ppmv
humidity content by weight: 1.3~2,500 ppmw
accuracy: ≤±0.2℃ (Continuous measuring mode)
≤±0.5℃(Auto measuring mode)
ppmv /ppmw: ≤±1ppm+6% of reading
resolution: ±0.01

range: 0~100 %, display accuracy: 0.01 %
accuracy:±0.5 %

Decomposition Products
SO2  range: 0~100ppmv
accuracy:≤±1% F.S.

SO2  range: 0~50ppmv
accuracy:≤±1% F.S.
SO2  range: 0~300ppmv
accuracy:≤±1% F.S.
H2S  range: 0~100ppmv
accuracy: ≤±1% F.S.
H2S  range: 0~300ppmv
accuracy: ≤±1% F.S.
CO  range: 0~500ppmv
accuracy: ≤±1% F.S.
CO  range: 0~2000ppmv
accuracy: ≤±1% F.S.

1.0~11 bar abs.
Flow rate: 255~600 ml/min
Storage temperature:  -20 ℃~+50 ℃
Working temperature: 0 ℃~+40 ℃
Relative Humidity: 10~90% @40℃, non-condensing
Mains power:  100~240 VAC 50/60 Hz
Power consumption:  280W
Dimension:   629 × 497 × 353 mm
Gross weight:  36kg (transport case and accessories included)

SO2:0~500ppmv,≤±1% F.S.
CO:0~5000ppmv,≤±1% F.S.

Standard Configuration
6m self-sealing stainless steel armoured tube
DN8 self-sealing coupling
DN20 self-sealing coupling
5μm self-sealing rectangular filter
USB storage disk
Power cable
Operation manual
Calibration certificate

Optional accessories
3m self-sealing FEP sampling tube
6m self-sealing FEP Psampling tube
3m self-sealing stainless steel armoured sampling tube
6m self-sealing stainless steel armoured sampling tube


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Brochures, Manual, Quick Start Guides, Software etc.

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