iSF6-516 SF6 Test Gas Reclaiming Device

The electricity generating and distribution industry are making use of the insulating properties of SF6 to replace the oils and vacuums currently used as insulators. Normally SF6 is totally inert but being the reaction with water in the presence of an electrical discharge in high-voltage equipment, it can breakdown to form decomposed byproducts. These corrosive byproducts react with the materials of construction to produce metal fluorides which, in addition to producing a general reduction in performance, cause problems by settling as electrically conducting particles on eletrical contacts. It’ll irritate/injure noses, mouths, eyes or skins if people get in contact with these byproducts accidentally. Incidents of human poisoning by inhale SF6 emission have been reported from certain Prevention and Treatment Centers of Occupational Diseases globally.

SF6 is a well-known greenhouse gas, due in part to its atmospheric lifetime of 3200 years and its global warming potential is 23900 times greater than that of CO2. Due to its destructive potential SF6 gas was included in the Kyoto Protocol under which emission reduction targets apply.

Collecting used SF6 gas is vital and compulsory. EU and IEEE have published codes on elimination of SF6 gas emission. iSF6-516 is designed for collecting and store used SF6 gas from SF6 analyzers. The unit is contained in a robust trolley case.


Key Features


  • SF6 used gas zero emission
  • Compatible to different types of SF6 analyzers
  • Fully automatic with reliability
  • Compact and easy to carry



iSF6-516 is either connected with one instrument or two. The used SF6 gas can be collected via a gas compressor through the following procedures.
a. Collect gas and store in an on-board vessel. The stored gas can be transferred to an external cylinder after several tests or whenever necessary.
b. Collect gas and store in an external cylinder.

1m3/h compressor, final pressure 50bar
Digital vacuum gauge, particle filtering
Connecting hose to transfer SF6 gas from the instrument
Swagelok connectors apply

  • gas chamber
  • instrument inlet
  • instrument outlet
  • external cylinder

Onboard vessel (50bar)
Swagelok self-sealing couplings
Acoustic and visual alarm in auto control module
Compressor monitor timer
Overload protection
Mains power module
Power supply: 220-240VAC 50/60Hz
Dimension: 493×466×286mm
Weight: 30kg


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